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  • Clitoris THUMB

    All You Need to Know About the Clitoris – FFSF #30

    How well do you know the clitoris? Does it do more than one thing? Are all clitorises shaped the same and are they the same size? Elizabeth give you the clitoral facts in this episode of Fun Friday Sex Facts. She brings out the vulva …

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  • Celebrating America's Great Diversity Image

    Celebrating America’s Great Diversity

    In this week’s episode, Elizabeth shares the words of President Barack Obama calling for us to celebrate our nation’s great diversity. Long before the horror that occurred in Orlando, Florida, the President declared June as LGBT Pride Month. Do you know why gay pride is …

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  • Just Saying "It's Not My Fault" is Not Empathy Image

    Just Saying “It’s Not My Fault” is Not Empathy

    Do you know that there are three types of empathy? How do they differ? Why is empathy so important for relationship success? How do know if you’re feeling empathy toward another? In this episode of Fun Friday Sex Facts, Elizabeth will define empathy in three …

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