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  • Masturbation Kit 48

    Masturbate Like a Grown Up Part Two

    Posted on: 10-9-2012 by: dakadan  Yay, more about masturbation! As promised. And I had a thousand other things I wanted to say since the last post, but I’m keeping good notes. Stay tuned, because shit’s gonna get CRAZY soon. This is one bandwagon where you want a good …

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  • Touch

    Why Touch is Often Difficult

    Touch has become difficult for us as a society. Here in the United States, we are one of the most touch starved countries in the world. What I find most unfortunate is that touch has become taboo for counselors, teachers, and coaches who fear that …

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  • Splash Of Fruit

    Women, Food, Sex, Pleasure and Weight – Do You Know the Connections?

    Women, Food, Sex, Pleasure and Weight Marc David here, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. One of the great benefits of working in the field of eating psychology is that it has so many profound connections to other aspects of life. Indeed, I believe …

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