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  • Government Interference in the Bedroom

    The Government Screws in Your Bedroom

    Does the government really need to police what happens between consenting adults behind closed doors? What’s the latest law that chips away at adult sexual behavior? Can it be true that rope, a blindfold and a spank are forbidden in sex play? In this video …

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  • Fresh Fruits and Penises Go Hand in Hand Image

    Fresh Fruits and Penises Go Hand in Hand

    Are you an older man having problems with your erection? Do you know that fruit can help plump up the performance of your penis? Is there a solution for erectile dysfunction that doesn’t include a trip to the doctor? In this video, Elizabeth will describe …

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  • Fun Friday Sex Fact - Increasing Intimacy

    Do You Want More Intimacy in Bed? – FFSF

    What is one thing you could do to create more intimacy in your  bedroom? The answer might sound simple, but its effect is profound. In this episode of Fun Friday Sex Fact, Elizabeth will share one sure-fire way to more intimacy behind closed doors.

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