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  • Vatican

    Sex in a Pope’s Bedroom? I Thought That Was a No No.

    Listed to these fascinating Fun Friday Sex Facts about some of the sexual history of some Popes. Elizabeth found some very interesting tidbits. We get to look at some other facts besides little boys and Catholic priests for a change.

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  • An Eve To Conceive Image

    An Eve to Conceive

    Did you know there’s a chart that’s calculated the most common birth date in the United States? Are you curious to find out which the most popular nights are when conception happened? It appears there’s a lot of holiday time spent between the sheets.

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  • Crazy Sex Laws in Alabama Image

    Crazy Sex Laws in the Southern States. Go Elsewhere to Buy Toys.

    Did you know some Southern states ban the sale of sex toys? If you did purchase one, what would the punishment be? Watch as Elizabeth gives you the language of the city ordinance that prevents you bringing home a sexy surprise for yourself or partner. …

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