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  • Cuddle Party held at Beyond the Bedroom

    Do You Know How Much Bad Sex I Had to Get Snuggles?

    Do you know there’s a place where you can experience hugging and cuddling just for the fun of it? Watch Elizabeth and her guest Ann Lipofsky describe what’s known as a Cuddle Party. They’ll help you understand more about what happens at a Cuddle Party …

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  • Precome himage

    Pre-Cum, Because Mother Nature is Rarely Beaten

    Have you ever wondered what pre-cum is and what function it serves? In this video, Elizabeth talks with Ann Lipofsky, RN about the scientific facts of pre-cum and why it is so important to the survival of the swimmers.

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  • Naked Talk - Mating Dating and Relating Sex tips

    Mating Dating and Relating

    What tip is the most valuable for you and your relationship for the bedroom? Well, watch this to learn what are ours. Dan and Elizabeth will cover two of our top tips for you that will certainly help in long-term relationships.

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