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  • Crystal Rabbit Product Review Sex Toy Tuesday #17 Image

    Crystal Rabbit Product Review – Sex Toy Tuesday #17

    Check out this Beyond the Bedroom Review of the Crystal Rabbit from Aphrodisia. Dan walks you through the usage, lets you hear it and see it in operation. This is a nice inexpensive vibrator that is a step up from the hard plastic dildo. Get …

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  • Neal Wecker Interview Thumb

    Neal Wecker Talks Back to the Body – Interview

    Learn more about what a Back to the Body retreat is and if it is for you as Dan Powers interviews Neal Wecker about his experiences. Neal talks about the who, what, when, where and why of a Back to the Body retreat and a …

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  • Oprah Fun Friday Sex Fact Image

    OPRAH Condoms – FFSF #50

    Do you know how to properly use a condom? How do you safely put on and take off a condom? How can knowing Oprah help you use condoms more effectively? Elizabeth is with Hunter Riley, another sex educator, who shares how knowing Oprah can help …

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