A healthy sex life is an important aspect to every relationship. Yes, kids might get in the way or as the years go on you get less excited about your partner but that’s why it’s important to make an effort when it comes to the bedroom. Trying out anal is a great way to move things along with a partner but communication is vitally important if you want to foray down this route.

Anal play and sex can be immensely enjoyable but both parties must be 100% agreeable to the situation or it just won’t be comfortable or enjoyable for that matter. Talk it through with your partner and see what fears exist and work through them.

Anal doesn’t need to involve full on penetration, it can be simply anal play with fingers, toys or other objects. It is important to always use lube and a condom too if you don’t know your partner’s sexual history.

Lube is a great addition to sex in any position but it’s a necessity for anal certainly.

This infographic from Carvaka Adult Toys is a great guide to getting started in the whole area of anal play and anal sex. It covers how to get prepared in terms of douching the anal area; it details how anal rimming works and how pleasurable it can be; it indicates some fun anal positions to try out and it highlights some of the “golden rules of anal”. Check it out and enjoy!