A Closer Look at Female Ejaculation with Dawn Beck

Dawn-Beck-and-Judith-Davis Beyond the Bedroom wants you to know who our presenters are. With that in mind we attempt to interview each presenter so you get a sense of who they are and what they will be talking about at the Beyond the Bedroom conference in October or future. If you should happen to be interested in attending you can register for Beyond the Bedroom at any time.

Dan talks to Dawn about her class “Female Ejaculation, Honoring the Flow of Amrita: A Gathering Place for Women on the Path” which talks about the art of g-spot massage which female ejaculate or amrita expresses.

Beyond the Bedroom Interview with Dawn Beck

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– Transcript –

Dan: Hi, I’m Dan with Beyond the Bedroom and we’re here with Dawn Beck today who is one of our presenters for this year again. She has presented in two years so far and will be again this year. So Dawn, tell me a little bit about yourself and tell the audience a little bit about yourself.

Dawn: So I’m a certified Tantric educator through Source School of Tantra. I’ve been practicing Tantra as an educator for about 12 years. I have a company here in Boulder Colorado with my beloved called Tantric Sacred Journeys.

Dan: Your beloved is called Tantric Sacred Journeys?

Dawn: No, my beloved is Gerard.

Dan: Oh, okay. Just making sure we’re clear on that.

Dawn: The company is called Tantric Sacred Journeys.

Dan: That’s probably a beloved of yours, too.

Dawn: Well yes, it’s my other beloved.

Dan: There you go.

Dawn: And we offer private sessions for individuals and couples and we also offer workshops for couples, for singles. I offer women’s workshops and we offer both private sessions and workshops based on tantric principles and practices, sacred sexuality, awakening and enlivening our bodies and our minds, our spirits, our hearts and our sexual center.

Dan: Great. You have a class called female ejaculation, healing …

Dawn: Female ejaculation, honoring the flow of Amrita.

Dan: Okay, so tell us a little bit about that class.

Defining Female Ejaculation and Dawn’s Class

Dawn: So female ejaculation, honoring the flow of Amrita is an exploration into Amrita, which is female ejaculation and it’s a Sanskrit work meaning divine nectar. So we’ll be talking about and exploring where Amrita female ejaculation comes from, how as a woman we can invite without force, without pressure, without making anything happen, how we can invite this beautiful goddess energy to flow through us in the form of our female ejaculate.

Dan: That’s really important, too. I think a good point because a lot of people think, “Oh, I’m going to make her squirt.” So first of all, you don’t make her do anything. You’re helping to facilitate her. She’s the one who can do it and a lot of people including the medical society think that only a few people can actually do this and that’s really in my experience quite the opposite. It’s more that there are a few people who can’t do it for physiological reasons and there are a handful of people that can’t do it for psychological reasons, but the rest can do it. They just don’t know how. They haven’t been taught.

Dawn: Exactly, exactly. I believe that every single woman has the potential for inviting this beautiful flow of energy and physiologically there is a lot of different information, lots of different statistics, lots of different research that has been done about where physiologically Amrita comes from. What Judith and I will be talking about …

Dan: And by Judith, she means Judith Davis who is going to be co-facilitating this class.

Dawn: Exactly and so what we’ll be focusing on rather than the physiological ways that a woman can express her Amrita, what are the emotional and psychological and the energetic ways that we can invite this. From a tantric perspective, Amrita like you mentioned Dan can’t be forced. It can’t be coerced. It can’t be made to happen, but it can be invited, to be celebrated and very often what I find with a lot of woman who I’ve worked with is that more often than not it’s not a physiological issue. It’s a psychological block. It’s something that has happened in a woman’s history whether it’s a past relationship or some kind of sexual abuse or some kind of not knowing that it’s a safe place to explore, a safe experience to have. Either they have been told that they’ve urinated and so they’ve been embarrassed into not expressing their amrita or a lot of women just don’t know that it’s even possible and so to create a safe space for women to feel their ability to invite their own female ejaculate is what we’ll be talking about and for women who have not experienced the flow of their Amrita, this is not a place to make anyone feel guilty or pressured about not being enough because they haven’t experienced it. It’s about let’s talk about this. Let’s find the ways …

Dan: To help them open up.

Dawn: Yeah and let’s discuss the ways that they can be supported in inviting this beautiful flow and what does this flow feel like and how can a woman cultivate her own sensuality and her own sexuality so she’s not handing that over to someone … “you make me do this.” And for men to know that it’s not about making, as you said, making a woman do this, but actually holding a space for her to be available for herself.

Dan: And it doesn’t mean … I’ve heard a lot of guys come out and say oh I want to learn how to do this so I’ll be a great lover. That doesn’t make you a great lover. It means you know a certain technique. A better way to be a great lover is to really be involved with your partner in a way that’s honoring and respectful and can help facilitate this. So now, tell me a little bit about your experiences with it. Have you always ejaculated yourself?

Personal Experiences with Female Ejaculation

Dawn: I haven’t, I haven’t. My first experience with my female ejaculate was with a boyfriend when I was younger, probably in my 20s, I had a small amount of amrita that was shocking to me. I had no idea what it was. Not knowing anything about Tantra, not knowing anything about amrita, I had an experience with a boyfriend where there was a larger amount of vaginal fluid, larger amount of fluid than just vaginal lubrication. I didn’t know what it was but liked the feeling …

Dan: Were you ashamed from that?

Dawn: No I wasn’t. I was actually with someone who was very appreciative and even though he didn’t know what it was either, he was really appreciative and really honoring of the expression of it. He just thought I was really turned on. He didn’t know what it was. He didn’t know what he had done and then I kind of forgot about it for many years until I started studying Tantra and started learning about Amrita and went back to that experience and thought; “that’s what that was. That’s what that experience was and I want more of that.” So I started doing some tantric practices with Gerard around how can I recultivate this and open and awaken my body to be more consistently available to the flow of my Amrita and through internal sacred spot massage, through releasing some stuck energy in my yoni [Click here to find out what does Yoni means.], my sexual center, my sacred space, I was able to start gradually opening to being able to invite her to flow really whenever I desire. So it’s a combination. Sometimes it’s directly connected with an orgasm, either clitoral or a vaginal orgasm and sometimes it’s watching a beautiful sunset or smelling a beautiful rose or just being in the energy of feminine goddessness and just enjoying that energy and feeling that flow through me.

Past Experiences Teaching about Amrita

Dan: I’d like to talk to you a little bit about your past experiences with Beyond the Bedroom. This is our third year that we’re going to be doing it. You were there at year one and year two and year three we’ve got so many fun things that are going to happen, so I just want to hear a little bit about your experiences.

Dawn: Yeah, so it’s just been an amazing experience, the past two years. It’s such an opportunity. What I found is, yes I did some presentations both years and also I learned so much by going to other people’s presentations. I think it’s an incredible opportunity to be in the energy of like minded people, of people who are wanting to be open, communicative and educated by and educational for everything having to do with sex and sexuality and it felt like a very warm, open, loving group of people, all the presenters and all the people that came to Beyond the Bedroom as participants. A beautiful way to step into having sexuality be honored, having sexuality be talked about, taking sexuality out of the bedroom and into our lives, yes sexuality is for the bedroom, but it’s for every part of our lives and so I’m so proud and so appreciative of you to bring … bringing this to the Denver area and beyond, wherever else, Orlando, Chicago and wherever else you’re doing this to really open people’s eyes to sexuality. To being able to talk about sex openly, authentically, honestly, for people to be able to share in each and every one of these presentations where there are challenges, where there’s discomfort and where there’s comfort and desire for more communication and more openness around sexuality and my experience both years has been everyone there saying yes to “let’s be more open, let’s take sexuality out of the closet and let’s bring it into open communication and it’s been fun, playful, educational, just really a beautiful great weekend.”

Dan: Great, well thank you for that and just to be clear, by open she’s not talking about open relationships, although we don’t have any judgments around that, either. It’s really opening up the mind to what’s available out there and we do have relationship classes as well, so there are a number of different things, not just sexuality. It focuses on sexuality because that’s our specialty.

Dawn: Well, and even in the sexuality piece I do focus on sexuality, but in my tantric work, it’s not only about sex. It’s about healing. It’s about awakening. It’s about communication. It’s about being honest, authentic and real in all aspects of our heart, mind, body, spirit, inclusive of our sexuality.

Dan: Cool. Do you have any last tidbits you want to leave with our viewers?

Why Come to Beyond the Bedroom

Dawn: I just really invite each and every one of you to come to Beyond the Bedroom, to come to my presentation, to Judith and my presentation and also to explore in a really safe and sacred environment, a place where you will feel safe, where you will feel honored, where you won’t be … you may be asked to look at some of your edges around sexuality which, why not? Let’s learn and let’s grow together, but know that you will be respected, you will be honored. You won’t be asked to do anything that you don’t want to do and there are so many different options and opportunities throughout the weekend to learn and to grow and to be in a community of people who are really wanting to bring health, well being and authentic mind opening, heart opening energy to our sexuality. So come and see us.

Dan: Yeah. Come see us all. All right, well thanks Dawn. I appreciate it.

Dawn: Very well. Thank you.