Victor-And-Elena-124x150 Beyond the Bedroom Interviews Victor Warring and Elena Zubulake

From time to time Dan and Elizabeth will interview someone they have met or know that is promoting sex positive sex education, relationship education, etc. We will post the highlights of these interviews and possible the interview in its entirety as we do them. We hope you enjoy them.

We ran into Victor Warring and Elena Zubulake at the Boulder Farmers Market on Saturday, July 6th 2013. Hear what they had to say. Or, follow the transcript.

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Elizabeth: Hi everyone, it’s Elizabeth here with Beyond the Bedroom and with Victor and Elena, presenters from year one. So, we’re here outside where they just facilitated “Do ask Do tell…Free sex here on a Saturday morning. at the farmers market. and for those who missed…maybe next week.

Dan: What were the kind of questions that people were asking you today?
Elena: One man came up and he said, “I had a lot of sex. I was in a marriage for 28 years. I had a lot of sex.
Victor: “A lot of free sex”
Elena: “A lot of free sex. Then, I had some sex that I had to pay for. Oh yeah, and then I lived in a house with all these tantrikas.” It just started to get more and more interesting.
Victor: That tantrika sex is pretty expensive.
Elena: Yeah
Dan: That’s hilarious.
Victor: Got to pay for that education. A really cool question that did get asked today was someone that was rediscovering their wildness…and the question was “Where do I meet wild people? Where do I meet people who want to live their sexuality and there lives bigger?”
Elena: Yeah.
Victor: So that was really cool.
Elizabeth: That’s juicy.
Dan: So, what did you tell them?
Victor: Well, the funny thing is that this person started to discover for themselves already, but them I told them about some of the things we are doing like Jam Erotique and the polyamory groups here in town that was already discovered. Yeah, so we started talking about people we know.
Elizabeth: Oh, that is so great!
Elena: Beyond the Bedroom too.
Elizabeth: Satisfied customer.
Elena: Yeah, go to Beyond the Bedroom
Dan: Yes, Beyond the Bedroom.
Elizabeth: In addition to people finding you here next week at the Boulder Farmers Market tell us where they can find you as…well, not the body worker anymore, at the moment. We’ll put that thought on hold (Elena has a broken arm). Where can they find you?
Victor: Yeah, in Boulder. I do coaching and we do workshops and experiential stuff together…
Elena: And, we have an event coming up in a month…Jam Erotique. It’s going to be a facilitated jam the 27th of July (2013) at the Body Work Bistro, which is a beautiful space and it’s going to be an opportunity to really dive in and explore eroticism through movement and we’ll be facilitating an opening circle, just creating a safe and vibrant space.
Victor: Yeah.
Elena: Great music.
Victor: We’re Deejay’s so we will be Deejaying
Elizabeth: Well, it’s really wonderful because you’re just trying to generate that conversation. It’s a conversation starter which…it’s actually we’re all in that business and its got to turn.
Victor: And, I think what feels important about what we are doing here right now is that it’s free.
Elena: And, it’s public.
Victor: And, it’s public.
Elena: I said at one point this afternoon that I was curious about the other conversations are that are happening in the little pods that are sitting all around us because people would kind of look and see the sign and then I would see whatever the reaction was the little [gives a shocked look] and then what’s the conversation that then comes out. What’s the invitation to talk about sex. Even if they aren’t coming up to us as strangers and saying “Hey, let me tell you about…” Maybe there is sharing that just starts to get generated in the community at large.
Elizabeth: I trust that you are going to get more people asking questions as the weeks go on. Thanks for spending time with us. We’ll certainly see you as the weeks go on and a growing audience and then for sure at Beyond the Bedroom.