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  • NT Dating Older Women

    Is it Okay To Date An Older Woman

    Watch Dan, Elizabeth and Cathy Vartuli answer the question about dating older women. Cathy and Elizabeth describe their experience dating younger men and how they felt. Dan shares what he likes about the idea. As long as it’s consensual and the couple has common interests, …

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  • FUn Friday Sex Fact - Womens orgasm Image

    Fun Friday Sex Fact – Women’s Orgasm

    Elizabeth: What do you know about women’s orgasm? Hmmm, it’s a big question to answer. I’m Elizabeth Wood with Beyond the Bedroom here today with another episode of Fun Friday Sex Facts. Yes, I’m going to be talking all about women’s orgasm and climax. First …

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  • Naked Talk logo for flatlining relationships

    How to Revive a Relationship that’s Flatlined

    It is only natural that the “honeymoon” cocktail of chemicals in our bloodstream dissipate after some time, between 6 months and 3 years. So, how do you revive that feeling with your partner? Watch and see what Dan, Elizabeth and Cathy Vartuli have to say …

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