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  • Dealing with Body Shame

    Is Your Body Image Keeping You From Having Great Sex

    Cathy Vertulli (CV): In life in general, and especially in the bedroom, body image and shame can really crop up and block our flow and sexuality and our feeling of desirability. We have some amazing people here tonight and we’re going to talk about their …

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  • NT Flatline Relationships

    How to revive a Relationship that’s Flatlined

    Cathy Vartuli (CV): So what happens when your love life kind of die and withers? Can you ever bring it back? I’m here with Elizabeth Wood and Dan Powers from Beyond the Bedroom and I’m CathyVartuli from the Intimacy Dojo. Dan Powers (DP): Hi. Elizabeth …

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  • Fun Friday Sex Fact - Increasing Intimacy

    Do You Want More Intimacy in Bed? – FFSF

    What is one thing you could do to create more intimacy in your  bedroom? The answer might sound simple, but its effect is profound. In this episode of Fun Friday Sex Fact, Elizabeth will share one sure-fire way to more intimacy behind closed doors.

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