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  • How Clinton Impacted Masturbation Image

    How Clinton Impacted Masturbation – FFSF #26

    Did you know there is a National Masturbation Month? Who came up with the idea? What did then President Bill Clinton have to do with its inception? What are the statistics on how many people masturbate in the United States? In this episode, Elizabeth shares …

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  • Sleeping Naked for More Sex Title

    Sleep Naked For More Sex

    Did you know that only one out of every three people sleeps naked? Are those who sleep in the buff any happier than those who wear pjs to bed? What are the health benefits to sleeping in your birthday suit? Could sleeping naked result in …

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    Irrational Adults Screw Teens – Episode #24

    What is the largest health risk to teens and why it is important to address? Did you know that millions of treatable conditions and diseases affecting our young ones are not cured due to lack of adult interest and investment? What are the adverse effects …

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