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  • Maybe I Will and Maybe I Won't Image

    Maybe I Will; Maybe I Won’t

    Did Jack Johnson really get it right when he sang “maybe, it pretty much always means no”? Do you know what your partner means when he/she answers your question with maybe? Do you use maybe when you really want to say no, but don’t want …

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  • Naked Talk - Mating Dating and Relating Sex tips

    Mating Dating and Relating

    What tip is the most valuable for you and your relationship for the bedroom? Well, watch this to learn what are ours. Dan and Elizabeth will cover two of our top tips for you that will certainly help in long-term relationships.

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  • An Eve To Conceive Image

    An Eve to Conceive

    Did you know there’s a chart that’s calculated the most common birth date in the United States? Are you curious to find out which the most popular nights are when conception happened? It appears there’s a lot of holiday time spent between the sheets.

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