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  • An Eve To Conceive Image

    An Eve to Conceive

    Did you know there’s a chart that’s calculated the most common birth date in the United States? Are you curious to find out which the most popular nights are when conception happened? It appears there’s a lot of holiday time spent between the sheets.

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  • The Lasting Effects of a Hug

      Did you know there are lasting effects to a hug held longer than 20 seconds? Learn the powerful physical and mental health benefits of a hug in this video clip.

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  • Why Should You Take a Relationship Workshop

    Why Should You Take a Relationship Workshop

    Why indeed. Have you ever thought of taking a relationship workshop, but hesitated due to costs? Dan talks with you about why you should still take one regardless of cost. Just be sure to understand what you are getting from your hard-earned money so you …

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