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  • Fun Friday Sex Fact - Increasing Intimacy

    Do You Want More Intimacy in Bed? – FFSF

    What is one thing you could do to create more intimacy in your  bedroom? The answer might sound simple, but its effect is profound. In this episode of Fun Friday Sex Fact, Elizabeth will share one sure-fire way to more intimacy behind closed doors.

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  • Naughty Holiday TIps

    What NOT to do Over the Holidays

    We thought it would be fun to put together another list for the holidays. This one is a little bit different though.

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  • NT Dating Older Women

    Is it Okay To Date An Older Woman

    Watch Dan, Elizabeth and Cathy Vartuli answer the question about dating older women. Cathy and Elizabeth describe their experience dating younger men and how they felt. Dan shares what he likes about the idea. As long as it’s consensual and the couple has common interests, …

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