October 12, 2014 @ 10:00 am – 1:30 pm
$97single/$177 pair early pricing ($107/$207 door price)
Daka Dan Powers

Becoming a Master Lover: Maximizing Men's Genital PleasureMen, do you want to learn to feel more pleasure and not just in your cock?

Women, would you like to learn different strokes to maximize his pleasure without putting him over the top?

Are you curious about a man’s anatomy and what happens in the male brain during sex?

Would you like to learn the secrets of master lovers and how they create the state of a man’s full arousal?

In this workshop from Beyond the Bedroom’s Master Lover Series, men’s arousal is the subject and focus of our attention. This class will start with a detailed description of a man’s anatomy and his brain function. Learn the hidden secrets behind men’s arousal and the 7 strokes that will send him through the roof.

Next learn how to access deeper pleasure points on his body that most people don’t even realize exists. Students will be taught technques to bring a man’s penis/cock/lingam to full arousal enhancing love making Become a Master Lover: Maximizing Men's Genital Arousaland extending pleasure.

This workshop includes a demonstration of a practice created to help a men experience greater heights of pleasure.

At the conclusion of the workshop, those interested in some direct coaching from are welcome to stay for an optional lab that will be made available at NO CHARGE.

This workshop is designed for both men and women, singles and couples.