Becoming a Powerful Conscious ManSo you’ve got her digits…. now what?

It’s time to man up.

But how? And where? And what does it mean to be a confident attractive male these days? How do you respond when she says she wants to be ‘met’?

Join your fellow brothers who have similar questions. Learn how to embody your full masculine presence and truly pleasure a woman.

Whether you learned about sex from a misinformed older brother or through the narrow lens of traditional porn, this is your opportunity to learn from two experts in the field who are willing to share their decades of wisdom consolidated into a powerful 1-day workshop that will have you on your feet (and sweeping her off hers!) in no time at all.

Your time is valuable. And this workshop will save you tons of it. No more mistaking her signs, wasting time chasing women who aren’t interested in you as a lover, feeling like sex is ok but wanting it to be Rockstar, or wondering why you got ghosted after the first date or intimate encounter.

You’ll learn…

  • How to approach and penetrate a woman energetically to magnetically create attraction
  • The anatomy of pleasure and the science around touch
  • How to touch her externally AND internally
  • Simple communication techniques that reduce drama and increase intimacy
  • How to experience pleasure in your body while pleasuring her
  • The signs you’re doing a great job

This workshop will be led by Dan Powers, CSB, ECTE, CSP and Ann DeSutter, RN, BSN, ACTE. Together, they have decades of experience working with literally hundreds of women to bring them ecstatic pleasure. You’ll receive presentation-style education followed by experiential practices on communication skills and techniques. The day will end with a demonstration to help you visually understand the art of touching a woman.

There will be no nudity by participants. However, there will be a nude female model during the demonstration. If this is something you’re not comfortable watching, you’ll be given the opportunity to leave. But don’t worry – you’ll have received the full teachings prior to the demonstration.

What have you got to lose? Your inhibition around women.