November 5, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Elizabeth Wood

January Frost ImageCreative Assertiveness: A three-part workshop for women who long to take control of themselves, and their lives, with dignity, skill, and grace. This full-day experience will reveal, and hone, every woman’s natural dominance. The practices explored in this workshop will be useful whether parenting, asking for a raise, reclaiming sexuality, or expanding intimacy in the bedroom.

Part one will explore the values of assertiveness

  • Power and Confidence
  • Female stereotypes of aggression
  • Emotionalism vs. passion

Part two will illustrate the practices of these elements in a woman’s personal and intimate life

  • Dominance in the bedroom
  • Sexual empowerment
  • Physical techniques

Part three** will be a hands-on lab facilitating, and engaging, with the practices of Part two.

**PLEASE NOTE: Part three is OPTIONAL and is not a requirement for attending the class.

January Frost is an educator and professional dominatrix. She entered the world of kinky, alternative sexuality in 2002 when she started working at a high-end, adult toy store in the affluent city of Bethesda Maryland. Since then, she has opened her own play facility for couples and individuals to explore their kinks in a safe environment with a skilled facilitator. January Frost lectures around the US and can be seen teaching on Kink University.