Join us for an interactive round-table discussion focusing on the possibilities of sexual and erotic pleasure; why we want it, how to claim it, how to give it, how to receive it, how to express it and why to value it. Come and explore pleasure for its own sake! Panel members are made up of experts in a range of fields related to sexuality and pleasure.

Learn what each has to offer and ask any questions you would like to have answered.

Panel members include:


 Carole Clements – Assistant Professor, Program Lead, BA Contemplative Psychology  – Carole’s passion lies in the telling of things, and it is from this passion that she teaches. Carole is creative, innovative, and probing. She is dedicated to authentic self-expression which is fluid rather than fixed, and thus always excitingly and maddeningly changing. Carole invites curiosity and discovery among her students by prompting them to enter into the unpredictable waters of intra- and interpersonal engagement, in an exploration of creative group dynamics that heralds resistance, and is ultimately transforming. Carole excavates stories that can be well-articulated, creatively crafted, and cognitively understood, but values even more the stories that are beyond conceptual understanding, yet lived in fleeting moments of immediacy. Carole is convinced that all stories are intertwined, and at the intersections the keepers of these stories—the people who live and witness them—are re-shaped into something larger, which contains and reveres the sparkly filaments for creating a more expansive and inclusive whole.


Daka Dan PowersDan Powers – Founder, Beyond the Bedroom – As the founder of Beyond the Bedroom Dan has made it his mission to provide fact-based sex, intimacy and relationship education to an audience wanting more from their relationships. Dan brings his experiences from many different teachings and many other teachers to every day couples and singles. Dan is a Certified Tantra Educator through the Source School of Tantra. In addition, he has completed levels 1-4 of Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality training, has studied Taoist sexual healing practices, has attended The Body Electric School, and has become versed in the somatic healing practices taught by Lafayette Morehouse, Orgasmic Providers, OneTaste and many more.

EElizabeth-Wood-99x150lizabeth Wood – Founder, SensualU – throughout her long and varied career in women’s health, Elizabeth has helped countless women and couples develop greater levels of intimacy in their relationships and achieve more satisfying and stimulating levels of pleasure. Her passionate commitment to helping women inspired the creation of SensualU where that passion is channeled into the unique consulting services offered to individuals and couples. Elizabeth is a sex and relationship expert and a Certified Tantra Educator promoting sexual health, well-being, and awareness to those who desire greater connectivity through partnership.

Monique Darling – Founder, JuicyEnlightenment – Juicy Enlightenment is all about falling in love with yourself!! Marrying your spirituality with your sexuality, that through embodiment, (feeling good in your body) you can live life liberated, on YOUR own terms. Juicy Enlightenment is dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be and to offering tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to enjoy the life they have.

Deb Azorsky is a Psychotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor in Boulder, Colorado with a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. She is currently an AASECT certified sex therapist candidate. In private practice since 2001, Deb’s specialty is sex therapy. She works with couples and individuals struggling with challenges regarding sexual expression, sexual identity, and the physiological and psychological issues that are a part of being sexual human beings. In 2002, Deb began teaching a graduate level course on Human Sexuality and pursued her studies in the field of clinical sexology and sex education.

Jenna Noah – Boulder Burlesque aka Madame Merci is the Madame and founder of Boulder Burlesque. She formed Boulder Burlesque as a means to study authentic sensuality both the light and the dark. Madame Merci calls on the Boulder Burlesque performers to be look deeply into what they are representing, why they are performing, who are they performing for, and what specifically they attempting to convey. She believes we live in a culture and a time where shame still fills so many there is great significance in being able to stand in your sexuality, your body, and your being and say, “This is it, this is me.”