July 15, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Online Discussion
Dan Powers

NAKEDTALK-withChasAugustNaked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom – Chas August on Intimacy, Relationship and Life.

Join us for an exciting hour of candid conversation with Chas August, coach, counselor and facilitator extraordinaire. Perhaps he’ll share some skills and tools to tune up and turn on your life and love.  We’re also hoping to get him talking about the passion he has for his work with the Human Awareness Institute or HAI Global.

HAI recently expanded it’s reach into Colorado and is facilitating workshops in our home state. Here they are known as Rocky Mountain HAI. Nice!

This Naked Talk is sure to excite and ignite as we tend to have the most outrageous conversations with Chad that lead us to unique and interesting spaces.  Please be sure to submit questions relating to intimacy, relationship and life before the live broadcast so that we can adequately address them in the time we have.

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