March 3, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Online Webcast
Dan Powers

Naked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom  Pauline Valvo InterviewCreating Relationships that Last – Pauline Valvo

Dan and Elizabeth had an opportunity to meet up with Pauline Valvo during a Caribbean cruise. Pauline was leading a Human Awareness Institute (HAI) with some very good exercises on creating intimacy within relationships. Check out this weeks episode of Naked Talk with Pauline Valvo.

As an educator, writer, workshop presenter, and life coach, Pauline’s mission is to guide people on a journey within. Pauline guides people along the path toward living self-actualized, empowered, authentic, fulfilling lives. She embraces and encourages vulnerability, clear communication, mindfulness, healthy sexuality, freedom of expression, and seeks to create a world where each and every person feels free to be all of who they truly are.

Naked Talk is a live, open discussion where Dan and Elizabeth explore topics related to sexuality, intimacy and relationship. Where else can you have straight, honest conversations about subjects some may consider taboo?

Your attendance is completely anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.

Please join us at 7pm Mountain Time from the safety of your home computer or mobile device. If you have questions relating to the topic covered in this Naked Talk, please forward them to us ahead of time for the best chance of having them answered on air.

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