May 5, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Online Webcast
Dan Powers

Naked Talk About ArousalMen’s Sexual Health

Men…Are you suffering with Erectile Dysfunction in your 20’s? Are you older, say 40 or older and not able to keep erections alive? Are you looking into Viagra or it’s alternative?  In this episode of Naked Talk Elizabeth and Dan discuss some of the issues of Big Pharma medicalizing men’s sexual health in a way that is not necessarily healthy. Feel free to submit your questions during this exploration of some of the myths and facts around men’ sexual health.

Join us this evening for a fun discussion and learn how your relationship can be inspired for more intimacy and connection.

Naked Talk is a live, open discussion where Dan and Elizabeth explore topics related to sexuality, intimacy and relationship. Where else can you have straight, honest conversations about subjects some may consider taboo?

Your attendance is completely anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.

Please join us at 7pm Mountain Time from the safety of your home computer or mobile device. If you have questions relating to the topic covered in this Naked Talk, please forward them to us ahead of time for the best chance of having them answered on air.

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