FearlessRelatingImagine a weekend long retreat that focuses on all three parts of the self. A cleanse that targets every aspect of the being. The ultimate reboot of your system.

Clear your mind,
Strengthen your body,
Awaken your spirit

May we take the risk of touching all we are offered with the deep intimacy of being fully present to ourselves & others. May we let that intimacy take us deeper into life, even if it means surrendering past cherished “shoulds,” especially if it means living fully who & what we are.

Join Monique Darling, and Peter Petersen for a weekend of making time for yourself, taking time to awaken, explore and inspire the sacred within, unlocking an unfathomable spirit that connects us to the entire universe .

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Everywhere you look, you see your inner condition reflected in your outer circumstances and especially in your relationships. Life is a dance of relationships. There is just no avoiding it. And no relationship is more important than the one to yourself.

Every relationship, with nature and with others and with the world itself, is a dance with the Divine. When we relate to it properly everything becomes a door to transcendence, a door to Divine source, not an obstacle to be renounced. In the East this is the way of Tantra. In the West it is the principle of finding God in everything and in everyone.

Enjoy three days of meditation, Qigong, play, dance, silence, and spaces to say all the things you may never have been allowed to say, certainly never before encouraged and witnessed so deeply. Practicing fearless relating with yourself and every other relationship you will ever have. We are also dedicating a whole section devoted to self care including communion with nature, body work to release and move stored emotion and trauma from the body, enhancing the spirit with differing paths of meditation, and a deep dive into nutritional awareness to create self love, self acceptance, and to maintain our physical bodies in optimum health.

Join us as we help you open up your minds and bodies to energetic reality and support you in finding confidence and desire to ask for everything you want, because you can trust your own “no” and practice utter self accountability, so that you experience what it’s like to remain “home” centered as you create time and space between what another says/does and your ability to respond instead of react.
What would it be like to lose the notion of rejection, to never feel “judged” again, taking another’s words, opinion’s as just gifts of where they are at, and using it as an opportunity to more fully connect?
Learning that our own feelings truly just want to be felt…..

What if in just our ability to feel an emotion in its entirety from start to finish that is our contribution to transmuting or evolving it in all of humanity?

What if all the spiritual teachings in the world are just there to remind us to love ourselves more, not less? Instead of trying to do better, get it right…
What if there truly is no answer, no path, no action, no way
Just observing and being accepting and loving of whatever is arising within?

Monique and Peter will guide you on a set of exercises that will help you to delve deeper internally that opens you to incredible connections we have to all that is.

First Peter brings his love of a moving meditation from China called Qigong. Qigong is a movement practice that helps move fresh energy and awareness into our body.

This weekend will also include partnered profound vulnerable sharing. Where we get to meet face to face, and allow ourselves to be defenseless, offering all of the raw, exposed things that are not being said to gain clarity and freedom. A beautiful gift we can offer ourselves and another from our heart.

Join us as we explore these questions and take you on a journey of embodied experience that can reset your heart, body, mind, soul, energetic nature, leave with real world tools you can practice and play with for the rest of your life……..

Bring a partner or come solo and be paired up with a practice partner for the night so you can take these skills home and wow your lover!

Bring a cushion, water bottle, and a curious, open mind.
Wear comfy clothes that you can move around in.

The first 5 tickets will be only $197, the next 10 are $247, and the last 10 will be $297. (If money is keeping you from coming we do have 3 scholarship tickets available, please inquire with Peter or Monique)

RSVP here: https://fearlessrelatingweekendboulder.eventbrite.com/