New Website & New Domain

Beyond the Bedroom is bursting forth with the fresh energy of spring. We are heating things up and are delighted to introduce our new website, to show off our new logo, to launch our new spring line of offerings and welcome you to participate in more ways than you might think possible. You will notice our new domain, (you can also find us at We made this change as we’ve grown from a single event to multiple offerings across a growing number of venues and formats.

Naked Talk

On May 20, we will host an online conversation of Sexuality in our FREE bi-weekly program called Naked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom. This is an opportunity for our audience to join the discussion of topics relating to sexuality, intimacy and relationship. Elizabeth and Dan will be your primary hosts but relish the thought of other leading edge thinkers adding their voices to the conversation.




The excitement and learning continue on May 28 when we begin a 5-week webinar on the Principles of Sexuality. Our webinars have been designed to take our audience deeper into teachings that will empower and improve relationships, ignite passion and explore what is possible in the realms of sexuality.
For more specifics on our spring lineup, check out our webinars calendar.