Harvesting What Matters 2013


Harvesting What Matters

 Relationship & Sexuality Workshops

Golden, Colorado

October 19, 2013

Harvesting What Matters

Fall is a time of transition. The crisp weather has us thinking about bundling up as the days get shorter and cooler.  We begin to shift the play from the outdoors to the inside. Fall is also a great time for inner reflection; to harvest what matters to us in relationship whether we currently partnered or desiring to be in relationship in the future.

Are you frustrated with the level of intimacy and communication in your relationship?

Are you curious how women, food and sex relate to each other?

Are you struggling with issues of power and trust?

Are you longing for fulfilling relationship and don’t know the first step to take in finding an appropriate partner?

If you answered YES to any of one these question, Beyond the Bedroom is for you. We will answer these questions and more in a single-day event with 8 presentations addressing a wide range of topics on healthy relationship and sex. The event is for singles and couples. There will be a number of like-minded others who also seek to expand in deeper understanding of themselves and in partnership. Please note, there will be NO nudity during the event.


Welcome to the weekend outline for Beyond the Bedroom. This schedule is meant to give you an idea of the presentation layout being offered. Participation is always optional and you will get the most value if you do.This schedule is subject to change as we adjust to circumstances or presenter requests. Be sure to click on the name which links to more information about the presenter.
Saturday, October 19, 2013

Registration Open

9:00am-9:15am Opening
9:15am-10:05am Anatomy of the Embodied Seduction: An Interactive Workshop on Flirting –

Melissa Walker, MA, R-DMT

10:15am-11:05am You Are Already a Great Lover – Mindful Sexuality for Men

Christin Myrick

11:15am-12:05pm Sexually Speaking: Power, Trust, and Language

Brittany Lacour, LCSW, DAACS

12:15pm-1:05pm The Lost Art of Touch – Feeling Your Way to Pleasure

Dan Powers & Elizabeth Wood


Lunch Break

2:15pm-3:05pm Introduction to Tantric Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening for the Feminine and the Masculine

Dawn Beck & Gerard Gatz

3:15pm-4:05pm Evolutionary Intimacy: Tantric Astrology and the Zodiac Puja

VerDarLuz and AnyaEl

4:15pm-5:05pm Women, Sex and Food: An introduction to the powerful connection between sacred sexuality and eating psychology

Marc David & Emily Rosen

5:15pm-6:05pm Experience the Work and Philosophies of The Human Awareness Institute (HAI)

Chas August

6:05pm-6:30pm Closing