Christmas evening of giftsCome Christmas, there’s a lot more fun to be had when you make an effort to be on someone’s naughty list. Sexy gifts jazz up the normal routine during the holiday season, and apparently, plenty of people take advantage of the season to give their better half an intimate present: the Daily Mail reported that sales of lingerie corsets spike by 70 percent during the holiday shopping season. The season of giving is the perfect time to shower a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or let’s-be-more-than-friends friend with a gift of sensuality. What are some of the best? Read on for the steamy best.

Edible Massage Oil

Nothing goes better with a bit of foreplay than a tangy or sweet taste to shock the senses. When you’ve had your fill of edible lingerie, turn to a whole new type of tasty treat with Lust Cosmetic’s $15 caramel-flavored Massage Oil. Rub your partner’s muscles to get them warmed up, then cool them down with a few well-placed tongue tips, all the while smelling and tasting like your favorite candies.

Silky Soft Kimono Robes

Why shop for constricting lingerie that leaves little to the imagination, when you can give a gift that’s sure to give your partner subtlety and comfort while getting your engine running hot? Take a page from the Japanese book of intimacy and dress your partner up in a $30 Izq kimono costume, showing just enough skin to leave you aching to see what the rest looks like. These silk robes are so comfortable that your wife or girlfriend may find herself wearing them around the house when you’re not around.

These Boots Were Made For Walking

There are heels, and then there are heels. Make your woman’s legs go on for days on end by strapping on a sexy pair of platform wedges. Shop for Steve Madden styles at Macy’s to wear in the boardroom or in the bedroom, since your woman can wear these dual-purpose boots, heels and sandals anywhere. Better still, she can wear the boots if you and her are the leather and lace types while still looking great and feeling comfortable.

Masque Strips

Perhaps you and your partner have no difficulty with a steady exchange of oral pleasure. In the event that one or both of you get put off by the taste, there’s good news for both parties. Camouflage whatever tastes you’d rather not partake in with a $10 package of Masque flavor strips beforehand, and enjoy giving and receiving alike. These strips work just like breath mint strips, dissolving on your tongue to give it a mango, strawberry, chocolate or watermelon flavor rather than the usual experience. Give one to your partner as a stocking stuffer, or give it to him or her as the final course after finishing a holiday dinner.