This is the third in a series of videos from Beyond the Bedroom with Lady January Frost where we talk about an upcoming workshop called Intro to Kink. In this episode we talk about wax. Have you ever dipped your finger or fingers into melted wax and enjoyed the heat and feeling of it coating the tip of your finger? What do you think it might be like to have hot wax poured over your naked body? Learn more about this and more in this episode of Intro to Kink with Lady January Frost.

This video is a preview of upcoming activities that will be taught in Intro To Kink: A Series for Couples. Come join us in this safe yet fun hands-on learning experience.

If you are curious about what “kink” is and you would like to learn how it might be beneficial to you and your partner then this workshop is for you. If you are on the fence continue to watch the Intro To Kink video series to learn more. If you have questions feel free to reach out to Beyond the Bedroom or January Frost (see contact information in the video) and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

As a part of the workshop you will receive over $700 in sex toys to be handed out throughout the course.

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