What is Beyond the Bedroom?

Beyond the Bedroom (BtB) is a sex and relationship education company. We provide safe and non-judgmental education in a variety of forms including video, webinars and live events. Our live events are currently held in Colorado. Until we make it to a city near you, join us for our online teachings. We have plenty of online content to turn you on to what’s possible in sexuality, intimacy and relationship. We’ve designed a number of webinars for deeper learning. Join us for Naked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom, a bi-monthly conversation where you can ask questions about the topics we cover.

“We do not have to spend money and go hungry and struggle and study to become sensual; we always were. We need not believe we must somehow earn good erotic care; we always deserved it.”

~ Naomi Wolf


Understanding the Universal Desire Felt at Back to the Body:… via @YouTube

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Enhancing Sexuality, Intimacy & Relationships through Education

Abstinence Only…WTF!? – Fun Friday Sex Fact #27

Have you ever wondered how much money was spent on abstinence-only programs? What evidence is there that such abstinence-only programs work? In this episode, Elizabeth talks about the newest and latest research out of Stanford University. She'll share with you how the...

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Penis Extender Product Review – Sex Toy Tuesday Episode #6

Would you like to grow your penis? Would you like your penis owning partner to have a bigger penis or maybe you want to play like porn starts for an evening. Well now you can! Introducing the Penis Extender from Eden Fantasy's. Daka Dan Powers takes a quick and...

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How Clinton Impacted Masturbation – FFSF #26

Did you know there is a National Masturbation Month? Who came up with the idea? What did then President Bill Clinton have to do with its inception? What are the statistics on how many people masturbate in the United States? In this episode, Elizabeth shares the...

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Sleep Naked For More Sex

Did you know that only one out of every three people sleeps naked? Are those who sleep in the buff any happier than those who wear pjs to bed? What are the health benefits to sleeping in your birthday suit? Could sleeping naked result in more viable sperm and a more...

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Irrational Adults Screw Teens – Episode #24

What is the largest health risk to teens and why it is important to address? Did you know that millions of treatable conditions and diseases affecting our young ones are not cured due to lack of adult interest and investment? What are the adverse effects of our...

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