What is Beyond the Bedroom?

Beyond the Bedroom (BtB) is a sex and relationship education company. We provide safe and non-judgmental education in a variety of forms including video, webinars and live events. Our live events are currently held in Colorado. Until we make it to a city near you, join us for our online teachings. We have plenty of online content to turn you on to what’s possible in sexuality, intimacy and relationship. We’ve designed a number of webinars for deeper learning. Join us for Naked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom, a bi-monthly conversation where you can ask questions about the topics we cover.


1:00 pm Quodouskha Level 1 @ Denver Tech Center
Quodouskha Level 1 @ Denver Tech Center
Dec 6 @ 1:00 pm – Dec 9 @ 6:00 pm
Quodouskha Level 1 @ Denver Tech Center | Littleton | Colorado | United States
We hope you will join us near the Colorado Tech Center for this Chuluaqui Quodoushka 1 Workshop 1 PM Thursday December 6 PM – 6 PM Sunday December 9, 2018 The Chuluaqui Quodoushka workshop is a 4-day sexuality[...]

“We do not have to spend money and go hungry and struggle and study to become sensual; we always were. We need not believe we must somehow earn good erotic care; we always deserved it.”

~ Naomi Wolf


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Enhancing Sexuality, Intimacy & Relationships through Education

Can You Use Sex Toys for Therapy? – Sex Geek Summer Camp

[youtube url="" autoplay="1" fs="1" hd="1"] Have you ever wondered if you could use your sex toy therapeutically? Watch this brief product review from Elizabeth Wood as she describes how she used her Njoy Pure Wand for internal massage after...

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What Can Couples Get from Erotic Hypnosis

[youtube url="" fs="1" hd="1"] Why would you want to learn erotic hypnosis as a couple? Watch and listen as Beyond the Bedroom learns from Todd Stevens exactly why. Hint: It has something to do with orgasm.

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The Breadth and Depth of Erotic Hypnosis

[youtube url="" fs="1" hd="1"] Erotic hypnosis is not therapy, but the fun applicable side of hypnosis.  Watch and listen as Todd Stevens talks with Dan and Elizabeth during their time together at the Sex Geek Summer Camp in West Virginia....

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Why Does Someone Become a Sexual Hypnotist

[youtube url="" fs="1" hd="1"] Why would you get into sexual hypnosis? Dan and Elizabeth asked the same question. Listen to what Todd Stevens tells us. You might be amazed to learn what you can do with hypnosis. This discussion takes place...

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Can Hypnosis Help with Better Sex?

[youtube url="" fs="1" hd="1"] How do you get rid of the "monkey mind" that inhibits you from fulling feeling and being present during sex? One way may be through hypnosis. Dan and Elizabeth take advantage of being at Sex Geek Summer Camp...

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