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Beyond the Bedroom has many opportunities for people to participate beyond attending. If you would like to become more involved feel free to contact us through one of the links below:

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Affiliate Program

Daka Dan and Elizabeth Wood Presenters

Think you have what it takes to be a presenters at Beyond the Bedroom? Do you have knowledge in the areas of relationship and/or sexuality skills that you would like to impart to the masses? Do you like to teach people how to become better at connecting with people including their partner(s)? Do you know how to teach someone to be a better lover while creating a level of safety that you might invite your brother or sister to attend? If so, then we would like to talk with you!

As a presenter you are one of the focal points during an event. We are always on the lookout for presenters that can teach relationship skills, sex positive attitudes and intimacy skills. We actively seek presenters for our conferences, monthly workshops and webinars. Our larger conferences are a good place to be  seen as an expert, network and promote any offerings you might have. If you are interested in participating at this level then we invite you to Be A Presenter!

Sponsor PanelSponsors

Are you a supporter of relationships! Do you have an organization that would align with an intimacy and relationship event? As a sponsor of Beyond the Bedroom events we have numerous opportunities to create visibility to your potential customers. Become associated with Beyond the Bedroom as we reach thousands of your potential customers through our events, website and social media venues. Our attendees are first and foremost in our consideration when selecting sponsors and therefore, we reserve the right to make the final choice. Imagine, you walk into our keynote presentation and see every attendee with a gift bag that has your logo on it, while behind the Keynote presenter is your logo which associates your organization with a fun and safe Beyond the Bedroom event that is helping ignite couples to create a stronger bond or even save a marriage. Or, as you walk  down Pearl St in Boulder or the 16th Street Mall in Denver past participants are wearing a nice Beyond the Bedroom shirt that has your logo on it, again, associating your organization with Beyond the Bedroom for years to come.

We also support gifts. If your organization isn’t in a position to provide extensive monetary support we do have drawings at the end of the conference where we give away products to our attendees. Several sponsors in past years did fairly well with this by creating visibility into classes they were teaching in other locations.

If this is the level you would like to participate then learn more by clicking on the link to Be a Sponsor!

Beyond the Bedroom VendorVendor

Do you have an organization that would reach our attendees directly through product or service sales? We have an entire room devoted to companies that we feel would appeal to our attendees during our conferences. Companies that have done well in the past include those that sell essential oils, candles, lingerie, intimacy products and more. Each year we have added more incentives to drive traffic to the vendor areas. In 2013 we will have vendor presentations and extra special events within the vendor area which will drive traffic even more.

Our vendors are very special. Our event is not an vendor focused event, so the few we allow to participate will have a lot more attention given to them. You will not be competing with duplicate vendors.

If this is the level you would like to participate then learn more by clicking on the link to Be A Vendor!

Work Exchange at Beyond the BedroomWork Exchange

If you would like to become intimately involved and would like a discount on participating we are always looking for people willing to provide a little labor. There are many opportunities to participate as a Work Exchange Staffer. In exchange for your services you will be provided a significant discount to attend the event. Our Work Exchange staff is considered a face of Beyond the Bedroom and as such we expect a high level of integrity and professionalism. You will be behind the scenes on a lot of the activities and will also be expected to support attendees. This can be a very rewarding opportunity.

Positions we typically need support with include:

  • Registration table check-in
  • Flyer distribution
  • Hall monitors
  • Setup
  • SWAG bag stuffer
  • Runners
  • Drivers
  • Breakdown  staff
  • Technicians
  • and many more

If this is the level you would like to participate and would like to learn more click on the link for Work Exchange at Beyond the Bedroom.