The Beauty of Sex Education and Its Importance to Relationships

Sex is something we all know something about. While some people are not confident in discussing such an intimate ingredient in their lives, the demand for sex education among youth and even among families is being discussed in almost all forums associated with it. Scholarly studies have been conducted and are continuously examined by concerned people today to address the significant increase in unwanted teen pregnancy and STD transmission. netherlands  Sex education for teens is beginning to be implemented in different countries and is being used as a promising tool to counter-battle the growing population of teens, and even among adults, when it comes to unplanned pregnancy. One such example is the documentary “Let’s Talk About Sex” which compares the attitudes of the Netherlands where sex education and communication about sex is more open and available relative to the education and discussion in America. The Netherlands experiences far lower rates in unwanted teen pregnancy and STD diagnoses when compared to the numbers here in the United States.

Aside from seeing sex education as a tool to fight unwanted teen pregnancy, another benefit is its value when it comes to building a solid and intimate foundation within relationships, including existing and loving marriages. Apart from the undeniable fact that sexual intercourse is a means of recreation, it has also been proven scientifically that without it, intimacy and a strong bond between a couple if far less probable. Sex education has a crucial role to play in healthy relationships that thrive and endure.

The Open Secret of Sex in Relationships and Marriages

Unfortunately, with our busy lifestyle choices today, many couples fail to understand the importance of sustaining a healthy sex drive in their relationship due to their attachments to day-to-day life such as work, friends, and other activities. While maintaining a satisfactory and healthy lifestyle should be everyone’s aim, ignoring the existence of sexual intimacy in our relationship is detrimental to their survival.

Adult sex education can be crucial in creating a healthy and active sexual life. In order to keep the bond, affection, intimacy, passion and desire for each other, couples in relationship or marriage should always work to keep the fire and drive burning. It is difficult to find a relationship that is not working when there is a healthy and nurturing sex life as a regular part of the relationship.

It is true that long-term relationships can suffer from a lack of or decreased sexual drive. There are a variety of theories for this. Know that the chemical sexual mix in our bodies changes after 3-4 years together with the same partner, we can use this statistic to account for the diminished amount of sexual desire. Making the effort to rekindle that sex drive, especially through sex education will help in making the connection between the couple longer and stronger.  Just because the sex drive and frequency of sexual experiences has dissipated does not mean one should give up. There are answers to be found simply by educating ourselves.

Strengthening the Bond in Relationship through Sex Education for Adults

Of course, sex in the beginning of a relationship is far different to what it is inside a marriage or other long-term relationship models. At first, desiring and wanting sex is similar to how we hunger for food. As time passes our desires, whether they be for the same food or the same type of sex, fade and begin to wear off. This is normal and inevitable. Often this feeling is confused with “falling out of love,” but typically it is just the morphing into a different type of relationship based on support and caring versus desire.  However, just because this is a normal circumstance doesn’t mean couples should settle.

Married couples or non-married couples in long-term relationships should always make the effort to bring back the passion between them. One of the best means of doing such is by going back to basics – by learning more about the beauty of sex and relationship through sex and relationship education.

The Relevance of Sex Education among Teenagers

Often teens think that indulging in sexual activities at a young age makes them feel adult-like; we won’t even mention the hormones raging through their bodies at the moment. Most teens fail to think about or understand the greater risks and responsibilities that come along with STD transmission and/or unwanted teenage pregnancy from premarital and unprotected sex. In many cases, the consequences were never taught to them. Often they learn these lessons the hard way; after a pregnancy has been discovered or a STD diagnosed.

Sarah PalinThere are those who claim by teaching teens about sex, it gives them permission to engage in sexual behavior and activity.  It has been proven throughout the his tory of teens that some will have sex anyway.  Abstinence-only programs have been shown time and time again not to work. The best prevention is to provide quality sex educationso that when and if a teen chooses to engage in sexual behavior and activity, they will make the best choice about protection and minimizing their risk and that of their partner to the unwanted consequences of unprotected sex.

Safer and more Connective Relationships through Sex Education

Safe sex is unarguably important. Teen and even adult sex education can provide the kind of information necessary to prevent unwanted consequences and improve the connection between partners in relationship. As the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” If adults are educated about how to speak to their teens about sex and teens were to participate in sex-positive education curriculum then prevention would surely be a better outcome than an unwanted pregnancy or contracting a STD which remains in their system for life.

Beyond the Bedroom provides many opportunities for sex education for adults. There are webinars and conferences that adults can attend that work on all aspects of relationships. Every October Beyond the Bedroom has a conference in Denver that creates a safe environment to facilitaterelationship and sex education for adults that will help to save marriages or whatever relationship style you have chosen for yourself.