The Secrets of A Successful Relationship Unfurled | Intimacy

A healthy, loving relationship can enhance many aspects of life like your emotional well being, physical wellness and overall happiness. Relationships are not always perfect and often need lots of work, compromise and a willingness to resolve and reconcile conflicts in a positive manner. However if a relationship starts to break and isn’t working, it can be a tremendous drain. You feel stuck. The secret of a long lasting relationship is intimacy. Yes, in order to build, maintain and sustain a healthy relationship both physical and emotional intimacy is important.

What is intimacy in a relationship?

The real intimacy in a relationship happens over time and not in just a day, week or a month. It is indeed a process and not a thing. It takes place over time. Intimacy is an experience of emotional closeness. It is all about being able to share and accept your partner’s feelings, thoughts, fears and desires. It is indeed expressed by feelings of closeness, trust, transparency and a sense of security among partners in a collaborative relationship. Intimacy is a Universal need without which a person will really feel lonely. So a perceived lack of intimacy is one of the most common reasons for relationship breakdowns.

What is emotional intimacy in a relationship?

Emotional intimacy is something that every individual longs to experience. The key element of creating and sustaining a long term loving relationship is emotional intimacy. It is an important aspect and component of building trust in a romantic relationship. Basically it occurs when there is trust and communication between the partners and they feel safe to share their inner most selves. It is also described as a sense of comfort, security, support, safety and trust when you are with a person with whom you share this type of intimacy. Lack of emotional intimacy can invariably lead to break-ups and divorces. Remember, care and mutuality are the corner stones of an emotional intimate relationship. The techniques to build a lasting emotional intimate relationship lies in accepting yourself and your partner, communicating by sharing thoughts and feelings and above all spending quality time together.

What is physical intimacy in a relationship?

Emotional intimacy tends to move steadily towards creating greater physical intimacy. It’s very important in a relationship and is considered a potent method for displaying one’s love and affection. It can also be defined as the physical attraction and the comfort that the partners feel toward each other. It also compromises the sexual desire, sexual intimacy and also the non-sexual touching in a relationship. Touch is the fundamental part of human existence. Various studies have evidenced that an affectionate and sensuous touch can boost the secretion of oxytocin, a hormone touted to enhance a sense of bonding and attachment. Besides sexual intimacy, regular affectionate touch, holding hands, hugging, kissing are also highly important for a healthy and successful relationship.

There should be abundance of physical and emotional intimacy in a relationship. Make sure that there is a healthy mix of physical and emotional intimacy in your relationship. A relationship based on strong emotional intimacy indeed paves the way for a higher, deeper level of physical intimacy in relationship. Hence spice up your love life with heightened levels of physical closeness and emotional connection.

Author: Elizabeth Wood