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Naked Talk is where we connect with our online audience more directly.

Here’s your opportunity to submit questions and get answers on the subject matters we cover. On occasion, we will include featured guests in order to address a wide range of topics more deeply.

Naked Talk is an open forum where Dan and Elizabeth explore in a classroom like no other. Where else can you hear straight conversations about areas our society often thinks are taboo? Our content is not salacious; if you are expecting a peep show of some kind, you are in the wrong place. Naked Talks are open and honest conversations about areas very important to all of us as human beings: sex, intimacy and relationship. Naked Talks are solely intended for informational and educational use.

Please join us on YouTube from the relative safety of your home computer or mobile device. If you have questions please forward them to us. Perhaps we’ll shoot a Naked Talk video answering your specific question.

An Eve to Conceive

Did you know there's a chart that's calculated the most common birth date in the United States? Are you curious to find out which the most popular nights are when conception happened? It appears there's a lot of holiday time spent between the sheets.

The Lasting Effects of a Hug

  Did you know there are lasting effects to a hug held longer than 20 seconds? Learn the powerful physical and mental health benefits of a hug in this video clip.

Why Should You Take a Relationship Workshop

Why indeed. Have you ever thought of taking a relationship workshop, but hesitated due to costs? Dan talks with you about why you should still take one regardless of cost. Just be sure to understand what you are getting from your hard-earned money so you don't waste...

Coming in a Woman’s Mouth

Is it okay to cum in a woman's mouth? Do women really like it? Should a man ask before doing so? Watch and listed as three sex experts Cathy Vartuli, Dan Powers and Elizabeth Wood talk about their thoughts on the manner. -------- Dan Powers (DP): Hi. One of the...

Is Your Body Image Keeping You From Having Great Sex

Cathy Vertulli (CV): In life in general, and especially in the bedroom, body image and shame can really crop up and block our flow and sexuality and our feeling of desirability. We have some amazing people here tonight and we're going to talk about their best tips for...

How to revive a Relationship that’s Flatlined

Cathy Vartuli (CV): So what happens when your love life kind of die and withers? Can you ever bring it back? I'm here with Elizabeth Wood and Dan Powers from Beyond the Bedroom and I'm CathyVartuli from the Intimacy Dojo. Dan Powers (DP): Hi. Elizabeth Wood (EW):...