Future of SexI have heard that science fiction is an area where authors propose ideas that may seem off the deep end without being ridiculed for the zaniness or creativity of the idea itself. Science fiction is a safe place where a writer’s thoughts and ideas can be seen and discussed in hopes they will inspire. I like science fiction for the possibilities it explores and the places it takes a reader too. Robert Heinlein wrote about communes in his SciFi book Stranger in a Strange Land. Shortly thereafter, communes began to pop up. Many of these communes were based on the ideas presented in the book.

With that in mind I was starting to wonder what intimacy might look like in a hundred years. There are so many changes already taking place. In some cultures, gender identity, same sex couples, and many of the different relationship paradigms, while not part of the mainstream, are becoming more accepted as options for those no longer satisfied with the status quo.

The polarity of those who are very conservative and don’t want change and those who embrace change still exists. Many of those embracing change are looking at sexuality and spirituality as a single entity rather than those at opposite ends of the spectrum.

If I were to write a science fiction story, it would describe a world more tolerant of different lifestyles, a world where intimacy will not have the same meaning it has today. Today many people are afraid of intimacy. In my story intimacy will be celebrated and encouraged. Connections between all people will become stronger, communication will be more open and we will celebrate our individuality and support those who are different from us. This level of intimacy ultimately creates a closer society.

I sure hope the society I describe happens soon. I look forward to contributing to its creation. I look forward to the construct of marriage taking on a different meaning than one of ownership or property (that is whole other topic to write about someday). I would like to foster intimacy with others that doesn’t mean we will be exploring sex together. The intimacy I would describe in my science fiction story is simply about celebrating a connection to another person from whom I can learn.