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Conscious Sexuality & Relationship Conference

If you missed our interview or any one of the other amazing speakers, don't worry. There's still a chance to own this amazing event which you can go through at your leisure.

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Why We Do What We Do

Do you feel like you received a comprehensive and compassionate sexual education that addressed human development, the complexity of relationships, personal skills, sexual behavior, sexuality through the lifespan, sexual health, society and culture? We do what we do because most people, sadly, answer the question with "no".

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Naked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom

Naked Talk is where we'll get naked in the conversation of sexuality, intimacy and relationship. The frank, honest and open conversations will focus on topics to help you expand your horizons of what's possible in your intimate matters.

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What is Beyond the Bedroom?

Beyond the Bedroom (BtB) is a sex and relationship education company. We provide safe and non-judgmental education in a variety of forms including video, webinars and live events. Our live events are currently held in Colorado. Until we make it to a city near you, join us for our online teachings. We have plenty of online content to turn you on to what's possible in sexuality, intimacy and relationship. We've designed a number of webinars for deeper learning. Join us for Naked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom, a bi-monthly conversation where you can ask your questions about the topics we cover.

FP-local-events Our presenters are locally and nationally renowned speakers and educators who provide fact-base, quality information and instruction. Learn More →
FP-online-events We have created online classes and discussions for our growing world-wide audience. For those who prefer learning in the privacy of their own home, the online content is for you too. Learn More →
FP-free-content Enjoy and share the many informative and educational articles and interviews on the subjects of sexuality, intimacy, and relationship. Learn More →
FP-about-you Our mission is to meet your need for fact-based, informative education from where you can explore deeper learning in the areas of sexuality, intimacy and relationship. Learn More →
FP-Q&A-nakedtalk Naked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom is an online conversation where your questions on the subjects we cover are addressed. We host these FREE events on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Learn More →
FP-participate&win Join us in co-creating our educational community. Participate for a chance to win great prizes. Learn More →