Miscellaneous Videos

Check out some of our miscellaneous videos from Beyond the Bedroom.

Groomed for Pleasure; Bare or Barely There?

http://youtu.be/HeFvdA1T6K4 What's the current state of grooming in the United States? Is there new normal in terms of trimming? What helped shape the shapes women are sporting? Watch this episode to learn more about what's current in the field of landscaping....

Kentucky Men Need Wife’s OK for Viagra

Beyond the Bedroom is a sex, intimacy and relationship education company creating a classroom you are sure to pay attention in. We are not offering salacious content, but an education that you can apply to yourself and to your relationships.

Internet of Things Now Includes Your Penis (Don’t let it get hacked)

Have you been looking for new options for birth control? Are you men hoping for an alternative to a vasectomy? Watch as Elizabeth describes the latest technology in birth control designed by a German innovator, how it works and how much it will cost.  Now you can take...

Pleasure Panel: Universally Speaking about Pleasure

[youtube url="http://youtu.be/4Px1tzvKyRQ" fs="1" hd="1"] Thank you Naropa University for inviting us to play in your sandbox. Carole Clement of Naropa invited Beyond the Bedroom's Daka Dan Powers and Elizabeth Wood, Monique Darling, Jenna Noah and Deb Azorsky to talk...