Naked Talk

NakedTalk-logoNaked Talk is a bi-monthly, online conversation where we connect to our audience more directly.

Here’s your opportunity to submit questions and get answers on the subject matters we cover. On occasion, we will include featured guests in order to address a wide range of topics more deeply.

Naked Talk is an open forum where Dan and Elizabeth explore in a classroom like no other. Where else can you hear straight conversations about areas our society often thinks are taboo? This event is not salacious so if you are expecting a peep show of some kind then you are in the wrong place. Naked Talks are open and honest conversations about areas very important to all of us a human beings: sex and intimacy. Naked Talks are solely intended for informational and educational use.

Please join us the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7pm Mountain Time from the relative safety of your home computer or mobile device. If you have questions please forward them to us ahead of time so we will have the best chance of being able to address them.

Here’s how it works…

We would like to include as many of your questions about the topic of our Naked Talk conversation. To have your questions considered, please submit them by completing the form found at the bottom of each Naked Talk description page.

We understand that your questions are personal, meaningful, sensitive and often pressing. We strive to present factual information that you can put to practicle use in your life.

Rest assured – all questions chosen will be answered without using any identifiers as to who submitted the question. Your identity will remain private.