Naked Talk Videos

Naked Talk is where we connect with our online audience more directly.

Here’s your opportunity to submit questions and get answers on the subject matters we cover. On occasion, we will include featured guests in order to address a wide range of topics more deeply.

Naked Talk is an open forum where Dan and Elizabeth explore in a classroom like no other. Where else can you hear straight conversations about areas our society often thinks are taboo? Our content is not salacious; if you are expecting a peep show of some kind, you are in the wrong place. Naked Talks are open and honest conversations about areas very important to all of us as human beings: sex, intimacy and relationship. Naked Talks are solely intended for informational and educational use.

Please join us on YouTube from the relative safety of your home computer or mobile device. If you have questions please forward them to us. Perhaps we’ll shoot a Naked Talk video answering your specific question.

Is it Okay To Date An Older Woman

Watch Dan, Elizabeth and Cathy Vartuli answer the question about dating older women. Cathy and Elizabeth describe their experience dating younger men and how they felt. Dan shares what he likes about the idea. As long as it's consensual and the couple has common...

How to Revive a Relationship that’s Flatlined

It is only natural that the "honeymoon" cocktail of chemicals in our bloodstream dissipate after some time, between 6 months and 3 years. So, how do you revive that feeling with your partner? Watch and see what Dan, Elizabeth and Cathy Vartuli have to say about the...

Ask Before Coming In My Mouth Please

Watch as Elizabeth, Dan and Cathy Vartuli talk about cuming in a partner's mouth. Should you ask your partner if he/she wants it to happen? How would you ask? What if your partner's a no?

What is a Mark Group

[youtube url="" fs="1" hd="1"] We get this question so many times...what is a Mark Group. Mark Groups are based off of a teaching from Lafayette Morehouse, which are so popular that companies such as OneTaste and others have copied them....

Tips for Surviving Turkey Day with the Relatives

[youtube url="" fs="1" hd="1"] Are you already stressing out about this Thanksgiving holiday? Are you looking for some tips on how you can survive and thrive this holiday season? Dan and Elizabeth offer a few tips for a more relaxing...