What is Beyond the Bedroom?

Beyond the Bedroom (BtB) is a sex and relationship education company. We provide safe and non-judgmental education in a variety of forms including video, webinars and live events. Our live events are currently held in Colorado. Until we make it to a city near you, join us for our online teachings. We have plenty of online content to turn you on to what’s possible in sexuality, intimacy and relationship. We’ve designed a number of webinars for deeper learning. Join us for Naked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom, a bi-monthly conversation where you can ask questions about the topics we cover.

“We do not have to spend money and go hungry and struggle and study to become sensual; we always were. We need not believe we must somehow earn good erotic care; we always deserved it.”

~ Naomi Wolf


55 degrees earlier today and worked on fixing out mailbox that was run over in my t-shirt. Now……

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Enhancing Sexuality, Intimacy & Relationships through Education

What Will Intimacy Be Like In 100 Years?

I have heard that science fiction is an area where authors propose ideas that may seem off the deep end without being ridiculed for the zaniness or creativity of the idea itself. Science fiction is a safe place where a writer's thoughts and ideas can be seen and...

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[youtube url="" hd="1"] Dan and Elizabeth discuss the big "O" or orgasm in this episode of Naked Talk.

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Getting to Know Your Genitals

Do you know your genitals? Should you? We think so. Only by understanding your genitals, its pleasure spots and the pleasure spots of your partners can you really understand the first step in giving more pleasure. Join Elizabeth and Dan as we discuss all things...

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Memorial Day Tribute

Remember Memorial Day for the purpose it was intended. Memorial Day was created as a way to commemorate those who have died in military service; originally from the Civil War. Remember those who have died for this great country of ours and the freedoms we are able to...

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Coming Out is Hard!

You betcha, coming out is hard! The newest, most updated version of who we are is now out there and proud. The effort to accomplish this feat was nothing less than herculean. It truly took enormous courage and strength. You might ask why? Well, that's because I knew...

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