What is Beyond the Bedroom?

Beyond the Bedroom (BtB) is a sex and relationship education company. We provide safe and non-judgmental education in a variety of forms including video, webinars and live events. Our live events are currently held in Colorado. Until we make it to a city near you, join us for our online teachings. We have plenty of online content to turn you on to what’s possible in sexuality, intimacy and relationship. We’ve designed a number of webinars for deeper learning. Join us for Naked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom, a bi-monthly conversation where you can ask questions about the topics we cover.

“We do not have to spend money and go hungry and struggle and study to become sensual; we always were. We need not believe we must somehow earn good erotic care; we always deserved it.”

~ Naomi Wolf


Understanding the Universal Desire Felt at Back to the Body:… via @YouTube

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Enhancing Sexuality, Intimacy & Relationships through Education

Victor Warring and Elena Zubulake

Beyond the Bedroom Interviews Victor Warring and Elena Zubulake From time to time Dan and Elizabeth will interview someone they have met or know that is promoting sex positive sex education, relationship education, etc. We will post the highlights of these interviews...

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Saddle Up- Choosing a Harness that Fits Your Needs

[youtube url="" width="560" height="315"] It’s great to be in the forefront educating people about sex, intimacy and relationships and meeting others who are out there with a similar mission. We love finding good articles or videos that we...

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The Secrets of A Successful Relationship Unfurled | Intimacy

The Secrets of A Successful Relationship Unfurled | Intimacy A healthy, loving relationship can enhance many aspects of life like your emotional well being, physical wellness and overall happiness. Relationships are not always perfect and often need lots of work,...

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Interview with Rhoda Lipscomb | Open relationship

Rhoda Talks about her Class: Open Relationship: Are They For You! It Could Save Your Marriage [youtube url="" width="560" height="315"] - Transcript - Renee: Hi. I’m Renee Quintana and I’m here with Beyond the Bedroom to interview Rhoda...

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Dawn Beck About Female Ejaculation or Amrita

A Closer Look at Female Ejaculation with Dawn Beck Beyond the Bedroom wants you to know who our presenters are. With that in mind we attempt to interview each presenter so you get a sense of who they are and what they will be talking about at the Beyond the Bedroom...

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