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  • Fun Friday Sex Fact Image

    Irrational Adults Screw Teens – Episode #24

    What is the largest health risk to teens and why it is important to address? Did you know that millions of treatable conditions and diseases affecting our young ones are not cured due to lack of adult interest and investment? What are the adverse effects …

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  • Vibrating Pussy Review Thumb 1280x720

    Male Masturbation Sleeve – Vibrating Pussy in a plastic case

    Men, are you tired of self-pleasuring (masturbating) with your hand? We all do it so why not invest in a more pleasurable experience. Watch as Dan reviews the Vibrating Pussy in a plastic case from Eden Fantasy’s. The Vibrating Pussy in a plastic case is …

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  • Government Interference in the Bedroom

    The Government Screws in Your Bedroom

    Does the government really need to police what happens between consenting adults behind closed doors? What’s the latest law that chips away at adult sexual behavior? Can it be true that rope, a blindfold and a spank are forbidden in sex play? In this video …

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