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  • Love After Surgery Naked Talk Logo

    Love After Surgery – Naked Talk

    Are you wondering when to return to intimate activity after surgery or an injury? Are you wondering what kind of touch to give or receive that might reduce the pain and calm the body? In this episode of Naked Talk Elizabeth and Dan discuss some …

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  • Naked Talk with Beyond the Bedroom - Women's Sexual Health

    Women’s Sexual Health

    Women… do you suffer from low libido? Do you think there is something wrong with you because you don’t always want to have sex? Are you buying into Big Pharma’s message that has pathologized your sexuality? Dan and Elizabeth explore women’s sexual health in this …

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  • Naked Talk About Arousal

    Resolve and Intent In Relationship

    Naked Talk is a live, open discussion where Dan and Elizabeth explore topics related to sexuality, intimacy and relationship. Where else can you have straight, honest conversations about subjects some may consider taboo? Transcription: 0:05 Elizabeth Wood (EW): Hi, and welcome to tonight’s version of Naked Talk. I’m Elizabeth Wood. …

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