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  • The Lasting Effects of a Hug

      Did you know there are lasting effects to a hug held longer than 20 seconds? Learn the powerful physical and mental health benefits of a hug in this video clip.

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  • Fun Friday Sex Fact - Premature Penetration

    Premature Penetrated? – Fun Friday Sex Fact

    One of the least, seemingly, understood aspects of women’s arousal is how long it takes for a woman to become fully aroused. Watch this video to learn this weeks Fun Friday Sex Fact about women’s arousal and premature penetration, which by most women we have …

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  • Dealing with Body Shame

    Is Your Body Image Keeping You From Having Great Sex

    Cathy Vertulli (CV): In life in general, and especially in the bedroom, body image and shame can really crop up and block our flow and sexuality and our feeling of desirability. We have some amazing people here tonight and we’re going to talk about their …

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