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  • BDSM Kink Fetish...there is so much to learn Image

    BDSM, Kink, Fetish…There’s Much To Learn – FFSF #35

    Are you confused over the terms BDSM, Kink and Fetish? What does each mean? Are they the same? How do they differ? In this week’s episode, Elizabeth will take a stab at clearing up any confusion. Learn the definition of each and how they are …

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  • Fresh Fruits and Penises Go Hand in Hand Image

    Fresh Fruits and Penises Go Hand in Hand

    Are you an older man having problems with your erection? Do you know that fruit can help plump up the performance of your penis? Is there a solution for erectile dysfunction that doesn’t include a trip to the doctor? In this video, Elizabeth will describe …

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  • Sex And Aging Cover Image

    Sex is Good for Granny

    What’s the latest in sex research? Can sex help the aging brain? Want to help your grandparents function better? In this episode, Elizabeth will share the latest research on sex and aging. Learn what activities can help the aging brain. You might be surprised by …

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