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  • EroticBlueprint Interview BedEvents THUMB

    Your Erotic Blueprint

    From time to time we come across something that we think is pretty amazing and the Erotic Blueprint is just that. The Erotic Blueprint is a way to look at you and your partners erotic flavoring and figure out how to work within that with …

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  • Sex Toy Tuesday Product Review of Soft Touch Blindfold by Eden Fantasys

    Soft touch blindfold – Sex Toy Tuesday #13

    Are you looking for a little lite 50 Shades of Grey play in your bedroom. Why not start off with this Soft Touch Blindfold by Eden Fantasy’s. It’s not expensive and an easy addition to help you explore the bedroom fetish by sensory deprivation of …

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  • Todd Stevens talks about sexual hypnosis with Beyond the Bedroom

    Can Hypnosis Help with Better Sex?

    How do you get rid of the “monkey mind” that inhibits you from fulling feeling and being present during sex? One way may be through hypnosis. Dan and Elizabeth take advantage of being at Sex Geek Summer Camp with Todd Stevens to talk about hypnosis …

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