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  • Talk Dirty To Me

    Talk Dirty to me Baby!

    Recently a dear friend of mine asked if I would coach him on how to talk dirty in bed. This friend is a gorgeous, sensual, adoring man with a gentle demeanor. He’s artful in his craft as a tantra practitioner and is devoted to the …

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  • Future of Sex

    What Will Intimacy Be Like In 100 Years?

    I have heard that science fiction is an area where authors propose ideas that may seem off the deep end without being ridiculed for the zaniness or creativity of the idea itself. Science fiction is a safe place where a writer’s thoughts and ideas can be seen and discussed …

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  • Stressed Out

    Coming Out is Hard!

    You betcha, coming out is hard! The newest, most updated version of who we are is now out there and proud. The effort to accomplish this feat was nothing less than herculean. It truly took enormous courage and strength. You might ask why? Well, that’s …

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