Yin and YangWe are just beginning to re-discover the role that energy plays in our lives. Just like a dimmer switch with electricity, energy can be expanded, contracted, transmitted, turned off or on, and much more. It may lie dormant in our bodies until we call for it. Energy must be understood and managed in order to be most effective. Within our bodies, we hold many various energies and it is the right use of them that make our lives and relationships work.

Regardless of gender, we all hold both masculine and feminine energies and they play a crucial role in how we protect ourselves and project our purpose in the world; and is key to building sustainable intimacy with partners.

Knowing how to embody and use these energies will assist us in:

  • Attracting loving partners
  • Improving our sexual and intimate connections
  • Potentially altering our work environments thereby increasing chances for success
  • Parenting skills
  • Assisting clients towards achieving their goals whether you are a coach
    or therapist

Ed Fell Teaches at Beyond the BedroomIn this sacred and harmonious dance between our masculine and feminine exists the reality of conscious creation and intimacy mastery.

There is a magnetic magic that occurs when the masculine and the feminine dance in harmony within ourselves and between each other. Both energies are needed to create an inspired and enriched life and love in our self, and our intimate and non-intimate relationships. It is this harmonious and powerful masculine/feminine interplay where we thrive in work, sex, relationships and play.

In this part experiential, part didactic one-day playshop, we will explore these energies within ourselves and with each other and re-discover how they feed each other when in balance.

The clear, present and confident masculine penetrates with his yang essential life nature; he is action and consciousness while holding safe and protective space, creating the outer container for magic to happen. The whole feminine presence receives and can BE in her magic while radiating her loving nature offering inspiration and creativity. The feminine grows possibilities into manifested reality through her fluid wise and mysterious ways.