Portal of the Feminine with Pamela Madsen ImagePortal of the Feminine: A Time of Reclaiming is a specially designed non-residential weekend retreat for women that was created to welcome entry level erotic explorers, but can support and inspire advanced students as we guide you in an exploration of erotic embodiment, the role of arousal (your inner pharmacy) in your creative life, develop a new listening to the wisdom and voice of your own body and your ability to speak and identify your desires.

Portal of the Feminine, is in its fifth year of creating a safe and generous space for women, seeks to provide an opportunity for women to cultivate a strong connection to their own bodies, arousal and their own erotic power. Right now, women are needing more than ever to come back to their bodies, and feel the full agency of their collective and individual power. You will leave this workshop feeling turned on, empowered, playful and full of a sense of renewal.

Portal of the Feminine was conceived out of a desire to introduce women to the power of collective female energy as well as support individual cultivation and exploration of the power of playfulness, embodied presence and your own individual expression of sexuality.

Feminine Entry Into Your Own Body

We will take the time to listen to your body and actually talk to the erotic inside of you. You will have the opportunity to been seen through each others’ eyes and through the eyes of a camera. We will encourage you to listen to what your body wants and you will be able to explore your erotic creature in your own way, with the guidance and support of experienced teachers of female sexuality.

In a sacred, playful and intentional environment that respects each woman’s boundaries, we will go deep into the potential pleasure and wisdom of our bodies as we dance in the dark and the light of pleasure. Together we will experience our bodies as expressive, powerful and playful beings.

Explore and Expand Your Femininity

This special edition of Portal of the Feminine will be held in a private residence in Boulder, Colorado. In an atmosphere of permission and acceptance, each woman will explore and expand upon their awareness and sensation through a process of movement, the art if adoration, expanded arousal, boudoir photography, orgasmic meditation (not “OMing”) and playing with our edges.

Each woman will have the opportunity to explore their sexuality on both the physical and energetic realms. All expressions and choices are honored and celebrated.

This workshop is for women of all sexual orientations and ages who are willing to explore their own power to initiate the erotic and surrender to the erotic within a community of women.

During our weekend non-residentual three-day retreat, kicking off with a Friday evening gathering; we will explore embodiment practices that will allow us to go deep into the wisdom of our own bodies. We will play with sensation and expand our knowledge of our own body. We will explore the power of female sexual initiative as well as the bliss of surrender.

This is an opportunity to gather wisdom not just from your body but also by supporting and witnessing other women in their unfolding

Are you ready to develop an internal guide to successfully and sustainability explore your sexuality?

Are you ready to dive deep and play hard?

Join Us Today!

Please join Pamela Madsen – internationally known sex educator and pioneer in women’s sexuality for this non-residential two day retreat created just for women. At this Portal event, Pamela will be joined by Elizabeth Wood, a well known erotic educator with a flare for the mystic, Sway Photography who will capture and help call forth your erotic creature in images, and Dan Powers an extraordinary somatic sex educator, member of the Back to The Body Staff and founder of Beyond the Bedroom in two special guest appearances.

Any questions about the event content or whether this event is right for you – Please email Elizabeth at Elizabeth@Bedevents.com or Pamela Madsen at PamMadsen@gmail.com

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