Tantric AstrologyAre you ready to experience an empowered relationship built on conscious co-creation through Tantric Astrology?

Are you ready to communicate your sexual desires and attractions with edgy confidence and playful ease?

Are you yearning to illuminate your shadows and evolve the patterns in your relationships?

Join VerDarLuz and Elizabeth Wood for an explosive, day-long immersion fusing Tantra and Astrology. Learn how to use the powers of the zodiac to both ignite more passion in your partnerships AND to balance your God/Goddess within. God Mars and Goddess Venus pulse inside each one of us fueling our sensual desires and erotic drives. Yet, too often our fears block us from realizing the full potency and capacity of these energies. Informed by your archetypes of love and sex, learn how the path of the heart can conquer all obstacles, leading to more transparent communication.

During this playshop, VerDarLuz and Elizabeth will lead an insightful, enlivened discussion of Mars and Venus through the zodiac and engage you in embodied practices, games, and exercises to help ground the learning. Evolve intimacy and arouse new peaks of sexual exploration through sacred circling, seductive dance, and flirtatious drama. Leave infused with a specific and juicy vocabulary to express YOUR version of the divine masculine and feminine.

Satiate your hunger for a delicious breakthrough in your intimate connections as we explore:

  • Tantric techniques for each Lovers Archetype
  • Sacred circling; Ritual Puja to enhance intimacy
  • The Sacred Marriage, the Inner Beloved and the path to wholeness
  • Unifying and celebrating the many masks of the divine masculine and feminine
  • Expanding your sexual repertoire
  • Going beyond simple Sun-Sign astrology
  • Specific turn-ons from cuddling to kink
  • Revealing and healing your relational shadow
  • Astro-drama to invoke your God and Goddess
  • Erotic zodiac dance
  • Live and DJ music by VerDarLuz

About your Tantric Astrology facilitators:

VerDarLuz ImageVerDarLuz is an international speaker, life coach, shamanic astrologer, sexuality educator, and performing artist. He is the founder of Astro*Dance and the creator of the online course Love, Sex, and Relationship Success with Astrology. He has written two books on archetypal astrology and consciousness, Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns. He has been blessed to travel, volunteer, perform, and study in over 30 countries and teach in 8 of those countries. Learn more at divinetimingcoaching.com and soundcloud.com/verdarluz.


Elizabeth Wood ImageElizabeth Wood is an evolutionary astrologer, Certified Tantra Educator, sexuality educator, and intimacy and relationship expert. She is the co-founder of Beyond the Bedroom which offers comprehensive and evidence-based information on the healing aspects and energies of human sexuality. Learn more at bedevents.com.

When registering, please include your birth date, time, and place. Time is not as important for this workshop but if you have it, please include.