Work Exchange at Beyond the Bedroom

We are currently accepting work exchange staffing for Denver Beyond the Bedroom Conference

We are currently accepting people interested in becoming work exchange staff members for Beyond the Bedroom. There are various duties required and in exchange for work you receive a deep discount for the weekend conference you working for.


Beyond the Bedroom Work Exchange ProgramOur work exchange staff is a very important part of Beyond the Bedroom Events. You will be required to attend a teleconference and put in a minimum of three hours of work over the weekend of the event. We do our best to make sure you are able to attend the workshops you choose.

Examples of positions needed include (and there will probably be more):

    • Registration Table
    • Sponsorship Acquirement
    • Flyer Distribution
    • Hall Monitors
    • Room Monitors
    • SWAG Bag Stuffers
    • Runners
    • Guest Services
    • Setup Staff
    • Breakdown Staff
    • Technician (projector and computer setup)
    • Other to be determined

To apply to become a worker please fill out the registration form below and we will get back to you shortly:

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a work exchange staff member at Beyond the Bedroom. We are excited to provide this opportunity to provide such a valuable service to Colorado and surrounding areas and look forward to having your be a part of that.

We will get back to you shortly.

Nicole and Dan”]

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